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Slack channels – Technical Support


Open Data Cube Slack:  An ODC slack frequented by GA, CSIRO, Catapult, Swiss partners


Mexican Data Cube Slack:


User Interface Links:


Public Facing User interface:



Code Repositories


Open Data Cube Github:  

A Github organization for Open Data Cube


Open Data Cube Core Github:

A repository that houses code we refer to as the open data-cube. Responsible for managing ingestion, retrieval, and management of data.


CEOS Github:

A user account created for CEOS SEO. Contains all AMA/CEOS code approved for release.


CEOS Data Cube User Interface:   

User interface to the cube.


CEOS Data Cube Notebooks:  

Inventory of all jupyter notebooks



CEOS Data Cube Utilities:  

Assorted scripts used in Jupyter notebooks or CEOS UI:



Pre-processing repository for sentinel 1.


Data Cube WCS:

A django plugin that implements a subset of of OGC WCS standards, used in conjunction with the open data-cube QGIS plugin:


Data Cube QGIS Plugin:

A data cube plugin that interfaces with QGIS



A clone of agdc-v2. When we refer to installation instructions, we refer to this clone.   

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